Monday, August 8, 2011

Chili recipe

Get some quality bacon (some fat but not too much) about 100 grams.
Get some beef or buffalo if available, preferable something from the round and something more tender like, lets say something, from the chuck. (ca. 300g altogether)
Cut it.
I cannot emphasise this enough: DO NOT GRIND AND/ OR USE GROUND BEEF!
The Pieces should be about half of a square inch in size.
Cut up some (1-3 depending on size)
Violet onions.
Nashed fresh garlic (2-?)
Some fresh chili peppers (300-400 g) for the hard boiled, or if you want to keep your sense of taste add some red bell or banana peppers, also cut into pieces.
Start with some oil, salt gartlic and onion, add the peppers and the chili, then the bacon , then the "hard meat" then the tender meat" leave about 3-5 minutes between bacen "hard meat" and tender meat.
see to it that everything is cooked well, and by now everything should have let some water, meaning by now you should have something like a stew, if desired add some beef soup or simply some water, if a more reddish colour is desired, just add some ground red pepper powder, but this is simply for the looks.
Let cook for about 2-3 hours on a small flame, the longer the better. (and the hotter, so watch your chili pepper count!).
If done correctly the starch within the peppers, chilis and onions should have thickened the whole mess, if not , just add a little bit of cornstarch disolved in water.
After those 2-3 hours let the whole pot rest, make 2 small cups of espresso, one for yourself one for the chili
Reheat it. Mix the coffee into the mess and maybe add a little honey..
Serves 6.
Good sides are, sourcream with some parsley, bread, tacos or whatever you want.

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