Saturday, October 15, 2011

Calamares en su tinta (squid in its own ink)

Beautiful purple calamares can be found all along the Mediterranean coast and are considered a great delicacy. Squid is obtainable in many parts of the world making this unusual Spanish dish available to everybody. It is best when served with saffron rice.

2 lb / 1 kg squid
1 large onion
2 cloves garlic
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tomatoes
1 tbsp parsley, chopped
1/6 pt / 85 ml / 1/3 cup white wine
2 tbsp dry bread crumbs
salt and pepper

To clean the squid separate the sac from the head and cut off the tentacles. Remove the gristle and the bag containing the ink from the sac. Put the ink bag to one side. Thoroughly wash the tentacles and the sac, inside and out. Slice the sac into rings and cut the tentacles into pieces. Peel and slice the tomatoes. Chop the onion and the garlic. Cook the tomatoes, onion and garlic in the olive oil for a few minutes. Add the squid, wine, a little water, parsley, salt and pepper. Cover and simmer gently for about 30 minutes. Stir in the liquid from the ink bag and thicken with the breadcrumbs.

picture by xurde

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